What Should I Do If My Eyes Are Blurry After Treatment?

Mr Glenn Carp – “For patients who experience blurriness after the treatment essentially, the surgeon will run through with them the outcomes of the surgery on day one.  All patients are seen by their treating surgeon on the morning after their surgery and any residual healing issues will be tackled at that time point.  There may be still situations of residual swelling, dry eye, small refractive areas that are still in place that need further time to settle.”

Blurry Eyes Explained Further…

Blurry vision is common and expected, initially after treatment. As long as you are following all of the post-operative instructions provided in your aftercare package, the blurriness should pass in time.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what you should do if your eyes are blurry after treatment.

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Terrified of the surgery but it was not painful and afterwards had minimal discomfort. Very quickly adapted to life without glasses although strange at first. Great having highlights and could carry on reading because didn’t have to remove glasses!! Able to read texts and reply etc. Bliss Bliss! However distance still bit blurry but improving daily.– Patricia Torrance

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What Should I Do If My Eyes Are Blurry After Treatment? [Video]