How Soon After Laser Eye Surgery Can I Consume Alcohol?

Many of you will be thinking it couldn’t come too soon to have a nice relaxing glass of wine or cold beer after Laser Eye Surgery. Fortunately enough you won’t have to go cold turkey for too long—in fact, you can be back consuming your favourite tipple the day after Laser Eye Surgery.

In terms of drinking alcohol in the days prior to your procedure, sticking to your usually intake shouldn’t be a problem at all. However it is recommended not to overdue it the night before Laser Eye Surgery so you are completely sober and hydrated for the procedure.

This is simply to ensure everything can run as smoothly as possible and without any unnecessary complications or interruptions (such as throwing up or falling off the chair mid-procedure).

Drinking alcohol and taking care of your eyes after Laser Eye Surgery

Following Laser Eye Surgery, you’ll be pleased to know you’re likely to be able to get back to your normal routine within a day or two.

However, you should be careful to avoid any activity that encourages direct contact with the eyes after surgery, for example combat sports, rubbing your eyes, swimming, working in dusty environments, and overly curious children. A good Laser Eye Surgery clinic will provide complimentary lubricant drops which can be used to manage any itching or dryness.

In this short video below, London Vision Clinic optometrist Alexandra Lyons paints a crystal clear picture on consumption of alcohol on the day of Laser Eye Surgery and afterwards.

Of course alcohol can not just be a temporary disruption to the day of your Laser Eye Surgery, it can also have more worrying long term effects. We know the effects it has on our bodies and overall health, but do we really know how alcohol is effecting our eyesight?

Knowledge Dispels Fear

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Read more about how alcohol can damage your vision.

If you’d like to book a consultation at London Vision Clinic, or find out more about drinking alcohol and preparing for Laser Eye Surgery, leave us a comment or give us a call us on 020 7224 1005.

This article has been updated for 2019 to ‘Laser Eye Surgery and Alcohol: A Quick Guide’.

How Soon After Laser Eye Surgery Can I Consume Alcohol?