Is it time to take another look at Laser Eye Surgery?

There always comes a time when you look back on something and say, “Hang on a minute, why did I think that?”

Even when the solution was staring you right in the face—maybe even more so—it’s easy to dismiss it for no solid or justified reasons.

Maybe the thing in question conjured up a negative feeling or a fuzzy memory of something you once read in the depths of the internet, or a sense of overwhelm from a lack of knowledge about it, or maybe it just spurs a knee jerk response due to a deep-seated, but now outdated belief.

Many things could of been the cause, but whatever it was, it’s always a good idea to pay it another visit after some time has passed.

In a rapidly developing world where every day we change nearly as much as the technology around us, more often than not your initial ideas and opinions are going to have changed radically.

Dispel the Barriers to Having Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery has progressed significantly since its inception in the 1980’s. From PRK and LASEK, to LASIK and ReLEx SMILE; the past few decades have seen the standard of treatment and range of options available increase at a staggering rate.

Progress has been so much that today, here at London Vision Clinic, we can treat 98% of those that contact us. This is a huge achievement not only for us, but for the industry as a whole. However, there are a lot more reasons than eligibility that come into the decision making process.

Four factors that play a huge role when considering Laser Eye Surgery are indecision, cost, age, and risk. For example:

  • I don’t know where to begin.
  • Laser Eye Surgery costs too much.
  • I’m too old for Laser Eye Surgery.
  • There are too many risks involved.

Let’s tackle each one of those barriers from the beginning—literally.

I don’t know where to begin

High street providers, private hospitals, independent clinics; with a seemingly endless number of options—not to mention the somewhat confusing world of medical language and acronyms—it’s easy to become overwhelmed before you even get started.

Luckily the days of trawling around from place to place and struggling to find definitive information is over. With more clinics having open and transparent information on expertise and results, along with the plethora of review websites which rate patient satisfaction, it’s easier than ever to form a solid and well rounded decision.

Read more about how to choose a good clinic.

Laser Eye Surgery costs too much

With treatment prices staying steady for the past four years, and in some cases reaching north of £6000 per eye, at first glance the cost of Laser Eye Surgery can seem a little expensive.

However, we all know cost is relative. And it’s only when you discover just how high street providers are offering treatments from as low as £595 per eye, that you begin to see where the real value is.

There is also of course the relative cost when compared to glasses or contact lenses. In a previous article, we calculated how much money you could be spending on your glasses prescription.

We found that over the course of 10 years, the average cost of glasses was around £1,523.74 on the low side, and £3,047.49 on the high side (assuming a yearly inflation rate of 4.5%). That becomes an even larger chunk of money over just a few decades, and puts the lifetime cost of glasses way above that of Laser Eye Surgery.

I’m too old for Laser Eye Surgery

As long as the eye is healthy, there is technically no upper age limit to having the surgery. However, due to the technology in some clinics, the statement above may still be held as true.

Here at London Vision Clinic, we offer the specially developed laser treatment, ‘PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision’, to counter the effects of ageing on the eye. We’ve provided PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision since 2004, and successfully reduced or completely eliminated the need to wear reading glasses for thousands of patients.

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There are too many risks involved

Let’s be blunt. Today, the chances of something going noticeably wrong as a result of Laser Eye Surgery are down to around 1 in 1,000. That reduces even further to around 1 in 30,000 when based only on complications which the surgeon may not be able to effectively resolve straight away. 

And the chance of going blind?

Essentially, nothing to worry about. Technically there is an exceedingly small risk of blindness with laser eye surgery but it is lower than the risk of wearing monthly contact lenses for one year, so a risk that everyone seems to accept as perfectly reasonable.

A big influence on these figures is the quality of the initial consultation. A good clinic with a thorough assessment process will quickly identify any risk factors, and thus manage the chance of complications arising.

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