Laser Eye Surgery – Let’s Bust Some Myths…

There are many myths about Laser Eye Surgery that put some people off. With over 100,000 treatments carried out each year though, Laser Eye Surgery is now the most popular elective treatment in the world. So, it’s time to bust some of these myths

The Fear Factor

The worst-case scenario probably isn’t as bad as you think. The risk of going blind from Laser Eye Surgery in the hands of an expert surgeon using advanced technology and complication-management techniques is almost immeasurably low. The chance of even a minor compromise to the vision is only about one in 1000, and the vast majority of complications can be corrected.

Side Effects

The risk of side effects such as dry eyes and night vision problems can be minimised by conducting extensive preoperative tests, to assess whether you are pre-disposed to these symptoms. Most people experience a bit of dry eye and see ‘haloes’ around lights for a short time after Laser Eye Surgery, but these symptoms should gradually disappear. ReLEx SMILE – a new procedure, offered in the UK at London Vision Clinic – is the latest ‘keyhole’ version of Laser Eye Surgery – a totally ‘flap-less’ procedure, which reduces the risk of infection and post-operative dry eye even further than conventional laser eye surgery (LASIK).

Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Some clinics try to reel customers in with advertised prices that only apply to a small percentage of patients, only include one eye, or do not cover ‘extras’ (such as more advanced technology to minimise complications, and even eye drops and aftercare). Broadly speaking, if Laser Eye Surgery costs less, you should ask why – what is being cut out to make it cheaper? Ensuring the safety of your eyes generally means you can’t go bargain hunting. However, it’s always worth seeing if your chosen clinic offers a financing scheme to help manage your costs. Also, think of how much you’re already spending on the glasses or contact lenses, which will no longer be needed.

Perceived Inconvenience

Will laser eye surgery interrupt your holiday plans? Will you be off work for longer than you can afford? An expert clinic should spend about three hours conducting preoperative evaluation on a separate day from the day of surgery. This involves full dilatation of the pupils for a full ocular health examination. It’s a long appointment, but only a small inconvenience to ensure the safest and best visual outcome. After LASIK or ReLEx SMILE surgery, you are generally advised to spend the surgery day resting, but the vast majority of people are ready to go back to work the next day, after a check-up with their surgeon.

All good Laser Eye Surgery clinics offer screening consultations, so there is nothing to lose by taking the time to have your questions answered. And, in the very unlikely event that you’re found unsuitable, at least you can relax about the whole thing, and carry on as you were!

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