Laser Eye Surgery Results Compared To Glasses

The final goal of everyone with vision problems is to see better with the least amount of inconvenience.

When considering costs of wearing glasses, you also have to think of all associated costs such as ophthalmologist/optometrist/optician visits, frames, prescription sunglasses and other accessories for eyeglasses.  It seems obvious that the costs mount to much higher than the cost of the Laser Eye Surgery procedure. Universally, approximately 9 out of 10 patients will have their sight improved to an extent where they no longer have to wear glasses after Laser Eye Surgery. As well as providing the convenience benefits of being rid of specs there are significant cost benefits.

When Comparing The Results To Wearing Eyeglasses It Is Important To Consider The Following:

Poorer Night Vision Results

Many people assume that Laser Eye Surgery results in perfect 20/20 vision for all patients but this is, sadly, untrue. However, this is not to say that the outcome of surgery is not extremely good for most people. Majority of people no longer have the need to wear glasses after the procedure, at least during daylight hours. A potential side effect of surgery is poor night vision, which causes the person to see a halo effect around lights and means wearing eyeglasses for driving after dark is an absolute necessity.

Choosing a properly qualified and experienced surgeon can help to minimise the risk of these complications. At the London Vision Clinic, our experienced surgeons use Wavefront technology, which may significantly reduce the risk of glare, haloes and night vision difficulties.

‘Permanent’ Does Not Mean Life Long. It Cannot Stop The Eyes From Ageing (Presbyopia).

The outcome of Laser Eye Surgery is ‘permanent’, the correction made will change the vision, but that does not mean it is life-long perfect sight. Laser eye treatment cannot prevent the natural deterioration of vision as a person ages. By the age of 45, even with the best surgery results, patients are likely to require reading glasses. Patients do enjoy many years of “specs-free sight” and eye sight will still be significantly better than it would have been had they never had the procedure.

At the London Vision Clinic, we overcome the problem of presbyopia by the revolutionary technique of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision treatment, significantly reducing or eliminating the need for reading glasses.

Results Vary Depending On The Severity Of Eye-Sight Before Treatment

The results of surgery are largely dependent on the person’s eye-sight before treatment. Realistically those with extremely poor vision, while they may still notice a significant improvement, may still need visual aids after surgery. London Vision Clinic can provide information on results for specific levels of vision impairments.

No One Can Promise You 20/20 Vision

In fact, eyeglasses can generally offer 20/20 vision, where laser eye treatment cannot promise this perfect vision. Of course, you will eliminate the problem of having to wear them at all times, and you will say goodbye forever to problems such as blocked side vision, dirty or scratched glasses. In this way the effects of Laser Eye Surgery can definitely improve your quality of life. Lastly, beware of any doctor or clinic that promises Laser Eye Surgery results.

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