The cost of LASIK surgery

There’s no shortage of companies telling you why you should dish out more for Laser Eye Surgery…

“Put your sight in the hands of a clinic you can trust.”

“Your eyes deserve only the best care.”

But at the same time, there’s also a smothering of companies letting you know you can pay less…

“We’ve slashed treatment prices in our Spring/Summer sale!”

“Laser Eye Surgery is now more affordable than ever!”

Whatever they’re touting, most of us have more wits about us than to fall for it. We’re not fooled by flashy marketing campaigns and clever sales copy, and we’re certainly not susceptible to photoshopped images of bright-eyed and handsome young men and women.

But the thing is, we’ve all got better things to do with our time than decoding the terms and conditions and trying to decipher the real costs of treatments. So sometimes we brush over the details and push ahead, only to later regret it when the fees rack up or the results aren’t as expected. Why can’t they be clear from the outset and just get straight to the point?

Well, some clinics do, but due to the weak regulation in the industry that means a provider can charge whatever it likes, many don’t. In fact, many actively exploit this freedom to undercut the market with low-quality and poorly-delivered treatments.

To avoid falling into the trap of cut-cost Laser Eye Surgery, read on and discover the top five things you need to know when considering the costs of LASIK.

1. Your prescription

Generally speaking, it costs more to treat higher prescriptions. Although the treatment takes the same time as any other to perform, more work is needed in the preparation and screening process. Some clinics are clear about this, but others like to hide the fact and advertise prices that only apply to a small number of prescription types.

2. Expertise of the surgeon

Among many clinics, you’re likely to find prices vary according to a surgeon’s level of expertise and experience. Some surgeons may specialise in particular treatments or conditions, while others may be known for their clinic and its safety and performance records.

3. The clinic

Large high-street clinics are based on a model of high volumes of patients and lower fees, whereas private and independent clinics work on a model of fewer customers and higher fees. The former model involves compromising on many factors, including time spent with the surgeon, the quality of the screening process, and aftercare. The later allows clinics to offer each patient the due care and quality they need to ensure a safe and successful treatment.

4. The technology

As another way to minimise costs, high street providers often use older technology and delay updating their equipment to more modern versions. Clinics at the higher end of the market keep up to date with advancements in the field, and therefore have the strictest safety protocols, quality control, and efficacy rates.

5. The patient experience

Cheap Laser Eye Surgery clinics have popped up to capitalise on the huge demand for Laser Eye Surgery. Granted, they often tend to get the job done, but not without cutting corners. According to a Which? consumer study, this is most frequently done by rushing through the pre-op screening and failing to explain the procedure and its risks to the patient. They’re also known to exclude essentials from the advertised price, for instance, wavefront analysis and an adequate aftercare regime.

Have a question about the cost of Laser Eye Surgery? Ask us in the comments below or get in touch with one of our clinic coordinators. We’re a friendly bunch, honest.