What Should I Do to Prepare For Laser Eye Surgery?

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to have Laser Eye Surgery. Congratulations! As you get ready for your life-changing treatment, it’s safe to say you want to be as prepared as possible for what is to come. 

Not only do you need to know what you need to do in preparation, but also what you should avoid during the run-up to the procedure. And what about during the procedure? Is there anything you can do that can affect the treatment itself?

Fortunately, as Professor Dan Reinstein explains in the video below, there is no need to lose sleep over preparing for your treatment. In fact, prior to the actual procedure, there isn’t much you really need to do at all!

That isn’t to say there aren’t things that may help you feel more prepared for your procedure. You will be made well aware of all this during your extensive assessment and consultation process. Nonetheless, we will also cover the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ here.

Let’s start with some easy ones: While you might want to smell nice for the surgical staff, it is advised to avoid colognes and perfumes, as well as hairspray and any other beauty products that may contain alcohol on the day of your surgery.

It is also important to remove any eye makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. A less obvious preparation is to avoid wearing any wool clothing – don’t worry, though, the clinic is always nice and warm!

Things to Remember Before Your Laser Eye Surgery

Our ‘quick prep’ checklist for Laser Eye Surgery below can help you to feel as prepared as possible:

  • Remove all eye makeup a minimum of 24 hours before your surgery. Please ensure your face and eyes are completely free from all makeup on the day of your surgery.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing but avoid anything that may generate lint such as wool.
  • Depending on your occupation, you may need to arrange to be away from work for up to four days following LASIK, two days for ReLEx SMILE, and up to fourteen days following PRK. Please speak to an optometrist regarding your individual case.
  • Arrange suitable transportation. You certainly will not be able to drive yourself home and you may find public transport to be tiring.
  • If you are travelling far, you may find it more convenient to arrange local accommodation. We are happy to help you arrange this.
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours before and 48 hours after your surgery as this tends to dehydrate your eyes. For more information on this, read this useful guide.
  • Please do not bring young children or infants or pet iguanas with you to the clinic.
  • Just before your procedure, we will ask you to sign your informed consent form and pay the balance of your treatment fee.
  • Bring your diary if you would like to make your aftercare appointments while you are at the clinic.

So, aside from the items listed on the checklist above, the main thing you can do is relax as much as possible. If you have any other niggling questions during the run-up to your treatment – just ask! No matter how trivial you may feel it is, our clinic staff are happy to help with every enquiry – big or small.

If you’re ready to find out how Laser Eye Surgery could help you achieve clearer vision, Book a Consultation today. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly clinic coordinators who will be happy to help.