Why Do Different Laser Eye Surgery Clinics Charge Such Different Prices?

The Laser Eye Surgery industry is a bit of a minefield at some levels.  There are a lot of different levels towards patient care and patients will be subjected to a multitude of differences when it comes to different pricing structures in comparison to what we have here at the London Vision Clinic.  Essentially what we have tried to do at the London Vision Clinic is to offer patients a full package as a one price fits all.  We are not here to up-sell.  We are not here to offer patients a little bit extra in terms of their results.  If they pay a little bit extra the idea of being is that whatever the patient needs, we will provide for that patient.  We also follow our patients for a minimum period of one year and that includes all their postoperative consultations and medications etc.  So again this is all encompassed by the pricing structure that we provide for patients at the London Vision Clinic

Elements Of Laser Eye Surgery Costs Explained Further…

Prospective patients often ask us why there is such a large difference between prices at one clinic to another. A clinic’s advertised fees will reflect:

  • A different standard of care
  • A Reliance on up selling
  • The clinic’s investments in technology (older or more up-to-date equipment)
  • The clinic’s investments in people (low staff costs versus higher staff costs)
  • The range of prescription a surgeon will correct
  • Whether the price includes treatment only; or screening, treatment, aftercare, and medications
  • Whether the price includes a one-time treatment or all enhancements

At London Vision Clinic, we do not upsell our patients.

  • We clearly outline our fees upfront so there are no surprises.
  • We do not charge additional fees for assessments, wavefront treatments, post-operative supplies or medications, enhancements, standard or extraordinary aftercare appointments.

We invest in best of breed technology

When investing in technology, we have elected the “best of breed” for every category of equipment, from corneal topography to our laser platform. We have even made considerable investments in designing and building our own technologies that are not available anywhere else in the UK (i.e. Artemis Insight 100).

We invest in our staff

Not only does our employee to patient ratio exceed the norm for this industry, but we also invest in our staff through high wages and benefits to enhance loyalty and commit to ongoing training and development in both technical and interpersonal areas. We have even created staff positions that would be unheard of in a clinic our size, such as our full-time research manager, Tim Archer MA(Oxon) DipCompSci(Cantab). Tim has a MA in Mathematics from Oxford and a Diploma in Computer Science from Cambridge.

We include everything you need in one “no-surprises” fee

Fees among clinics vary considerably, but it is important to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples, as many offers that sound too good to be true often are.

  • At London Vision Clinic, initial screenings are complimentary, whereas many clinics will charge a fee to determine your suitability.
  • Here, you know which surgeon will be treating you from the outset, as opposed to finding out on the day of surgery.
  • We do not engage in “up-selling” like many high street clinics. Approximately 90% of our patients pay our standard fee. However, about 10% of the patients that visit us do have very high prescriptions. For these patients, we do charge an additional fee and we can discuss this with you in detail over the phone or at the time of your initial screening.
  • Every patient gets a wavefront analysis and guided-treatment if they need it, because we do not believe anyone should get less than an optimum treatment, even if a clinic offers it at a discount.
  • Our patients get “24/7″ access to their laser eye surgeon’s mobile phone after surgery, complimentary enhancements, flexible aftercare appointments, and unlimited access to required medication and eye drops.