The Best Reasons To Have Laser Eye Surgery

Most patients have given testimony after having Laser Eye Surgery saying it’s the little things that make all the difference. Take a look at some of these accounts of happiness from previous London Vision Clinic patients.

Patient Stories From London Vision Clinic

 “I don’t have to worry about remembering to take solution or my glasses everywhere.” Alexis Webb 

You are right, Alexis. Imagine not having to worry about remembering glasses or contacts in general. You wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your glasses somewhere, accidentally stepping on them, or falling asleep while reading and waking up to find that you have hopelessly bent your frames. You wouldn’t have to frantically grope for them next to your bedside table in the mornings or consciously stash them in your bag on the way to the movies. You wouldn’t have to worry about stocking up on solution or taking your contacts out before going to bed. It’s safe to say that having Laser Eye Surgery isn’t just a procedure, it’s a lifestyle transformation. In this busy modern world, we could all use one less thing to remember.

 “No longer wearing glasses means seeing in the rain, being picked first for the team and having freedom that I couldn’t remember!” Mike Petrock

Mike has a good point. Not having to worry about your glasses can open windows for you that you have never before had a chance to look through! Before physical activity, especially sports that involve balls or close contact, you won’t have to worry about putting in contacts or securing your glasses to your face. Patients develop new sense of freedom and independence that is continuously reflected in basic day to day activities.

“Driving is safer and no problem in inclement weather.” Peter Hebden

Safety first, Peter. With your new and improved vision you can drive with confidence at night and even in inclement weather. Since spotting things like animals crossing the road and patches of ice is easier, you can focus more and worry less. You won’t have to worry about running to the store at night or problematic vision in the rain. Not having to worry about how you will get home fuels a strong sense of sovereignty.

“It has been great to wake up and be able to see immediately” Lin McAllister

Lin is acknowledging an excellent point here. In fact, it’s a revelation that patients experience time and time again after Laser Eye Surgery. Once your eyes have healed and your vision has peaked, you will be amazed when you wake up in the morning. It’s not uncommon for Laser Eye Surgery patients to wake up, realize they can see, and feel for their glasses on their face thinking they accidentally forgot to take them off. Before you drink your cup of coffee or even put your feet on the floor, it’s nice to be reminded first thing in the morning that you made the right decision for you.