Why Laser Eye Surgery could benefit you

Wearing glasses or contact lenses can at times feel like being in a relationship: you can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them. So you put up with their non-stop annoyances and tendency to disrupt everything in your life. For the benefits it’s worth it, you tell yourself.

But why compromise with second best when you can have the prize guy? With Laser Eye Surgery, you can show your second-rate visual aids the door and divorce them for good. And it’s not a painful back and forth process that requires months of negotiation: it takes as long as it does to pack a suitcase and throw it out the window.

With so many benefits, your reasons for considering Laser Eye Surgery may be completely different from the next person. It could be being able to drive without glasses, read a book without aid, climb Everest, or wake up with clear vision. Here are three of the greatest Laser Eye Surgery benefits that draw people to have the treatment and say farewell to their ex-lovers.

The ability to engage in sports and activities freely

Many sportspeople have famously had Laser Eye Surgery to improve their hand-eye coordination and accuracy in precision sports like golf or basketball. But you don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit.

Laser Eye Surgery frees glasses and contact wearers to engage in many new activities without restriction. You can go for a swim without prescription goggles, go camping without worrying about losing a lens, or simply roll around freely with the kids. For the more adventurous, skiing, diving, water sports, and martial arts are just some of the exciting activities made possible.

No more irritation and worry of infections

There’s no doubt contact lenses are handy, but their convenience comes at a cost. If you’ve ever worn them in a room with air conditioning, in a dusty environment, on a plane, or just for a few hours too long, you’ll be familiar with the dryness and irritation they cause.

Contact lenses also put the wearer at risk of more severe conditions like corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, and corneal abrasions. Due to this risk of infection, Laser Eye Surgery is a much safer and healthier option for your eyes.

No more relying on external aids to see clearly

Dragging yourself out of bed and getting ready for work in the morning is hard enough, but having to find your glasses or put in your contacts before you can do anything just makes it that much more difficult.

It wouldn’t be so bad if you could then forget about them for the rest of the day, but like most ex-lovers, they’re very high maintenance. Glasses need continual adjustment, steam up whenever the temperature changes, hide in the most obvious of places, scratch, break, and slide down your nose. Contacts are less conspicuous, making them all the more trouble when one decides to pop out and fly across the room.

Being able to see clearly and without a huge commotion is a blessing that you can only truly appreciate if you’ve been a contacts or glasses wearer. Laser Eye Surgery takes the pain points out of vision correction, allowing you to go about your day and finally enjoy the incredible benefits of great vision.

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