Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare Guidance

After finishing your treatment of Laser Eye Surgery at the laser clinic it is imperative that you follow certain guidelines in order to minimise any complications. After your surgery you will need to be escorted home as a pad will be applied to cover your eye. You will not be allowed to drive home from your appointment yourself.

Taking a step at a time after Laser Eye Surgery is crucial for your own safety. On removal of your eye pad you must stay in dimly lit areas and avoid watching the television or using a computer. During the first 48 hours it is normal to feel discomfort, so by avoiding glare and bright light from a VDU you are minimising any extra discomfort.

Eye makeup should not be worn in the first week post-surgery as this can introduce infection to the healing area. Likewise, hair colouring should be skipped for ten days.

As your cornea heals it is advisable that for a week after surgery you avoid any important tasks. If you’re a parent of young children, try and enlist the help of family members to avoid putting yourself and them in any danger.

As your eye heals, you may feel stinging and see a faint haze over everything but this will subside over time.

During that first week your eyes will remain sensitive to light and even a little watery at times. To begin with you should not drive after your surgery.  After your first aftercare meeting you will be advised on your progress and we will inform you of any barriers which can be removed. Driving may be one of them.

Between your first and second aftercare meeting it is advised that you continue to refrain from any activity which involves chemicals, dirt or dust getting in your eyes. These activities should be avoided for at least four weeks after the procedure. Activities this includes are swimming, whirlpools, saunas and any contact sport.

If it is necessary for you to be in an environment which is dusty, such as working on a building site, you will need to wear safety glasses at all times for a month.

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After the first month many limitations will be lifted as your cornea heals. However, using sun beds need to be abstained from for six months after the Laser Eye Surgery.

Your final aftercare meeting will be held at approximately three months after your procedure. Dependent on how well your cornea has healed you may be discharged. Though the limitation for sun beds will remain you can return all other aspects of your life back to normal. Please note that in the first year it is visible to always wear UV eye protection when venturing outside on sunny days. This is because bright sunshine can cause scarring.

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare Guidance

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