Laser Eye Surgery — How Much Time Will I Need Off Work?

“Most patients are back to their normal routine within a day or two, we tend to ask patients to take one day off, the day after their surgery, to allow for a more relaxed environment to come for their one day post-op, and also to adjust to their new vision, adjust to their new drop routine, get used to placing the lubricant drops etc. before going back into their normal workplace.”

—Mr Glenn Carp, Laser Eye Surgeon and Ophthalmic Surgeon

As Mr Carp states, most of our patients take around two days off—the day of the surgery and the day after. This is generally the case if you have LASIK or ReLEx SMILE surgery. If you have LASEK / PRK treatment, the recovery time can be a little longer: you should plan to return to work after around seven days.

On returning to work, there are a several things we advise patients to bear in mind, such as to keep your eyes well lubricated with artificial tears if you are using a computer or in an environment with air conditioning, as both can dry out your eyes.

ReLEx SMILE has been shown to considerably reduce post-operative dry eye and discomfort (and in some cases even eliminate them completely). And this is all from a procedure which can be performed in significantly less time than standard LASIK surgery.

London Vision Clinic was the first Laser Eye Surgery clinic in the UK to offer ReLEx SMILE.

You can read more about ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery here.

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The Post-Operative Timeline…

To give you an idea of the post-operative process leading up to returning to work, the following is our recommended activity timeline for patients who have had LASIK surgery:

Immediately after surgery

  • For the first few hours it is advised to keep your eyes closed and get some rest.
  • Once your return to normal activity, be extra aware of anything that could harm your eyes, and avoid any activities which may lead to physical contact with the eye such as touching or poking.
  • If you experience itching or dryness, avoid rubbing your eyes and instead use lubricant drops.

24 Hours after surgery

  • To avoid getting soap or tap water in your eyes, take a bath instead of a shower.
  • You can settle into your normal routine including enjoying activities such as reading or watching TV, just make sure to apply the lubricant drops to avoid your eyes drying out.
  • About this time patients tend to return to work, with a trusty bottle of lubricant drops on hand especially if working at a computer.

If you would like to book a consultation at London Vision Clinic, or find out more about our aftercare regimes, give us a call on 020 7224 1005, or leave us a comment below.

Laser Eye Surgery — How Much Time Will I Need Off Work?

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