What post-operative care you should expect after Laser Eye Surgery

It’s the weeks leading up to Laser Eye Surgery when you put the extra time in to make sure you’re fully prepared for the procedure and it fits nicely into your life. And most people believe that, once the treatment comes, all of that is over, and you’re free to enjoy the results and get back to your normal routine.

But the process doesn’t end as soon as you hop out of the chair. What comes after Laser Eye Surgery is just as — if not more — important than what came before it. And so for you to experience a smooth and speedy recovery, you also need to go through a thorough aftercare regime.

Not only does this ensure your eyes heal to their best ability and any minor side effects are managed, it means you will never be left thinking, ‘What was it that the surgeon said to avoid for a month?’ Or, ‘What did he say about driving at night?’ Or even, ‘What about that adventure-sport and booze-filled Stag do next week?’

So, to give you a clearer idea of what your post-operative care should look like after Laser Eye Surgery, here are five tenets clinics should uphold in their aftercare regime.

Will I see you again?

Recovery from Laser Eye Surgery is incredibly quick and trouble-free — most people return to their regular routine the next day. But to promote a healthy recovery and ensure your vision stabilises, it’s standard procedure to visit the clinic for a series of aftercare appointments over the 12 months post-treatment.

The first is the day after the surgery, then 3-4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. During the appointments, your optometrist will take you the through tests to check your vision and ask you questions about how your recovery is going. Independent and private clinics tend to include aftercare appointments in the cost of the treatment, but check your terms as some providers are known to exclude them.

No dishonesty and full transparency

You should be wary about any clinic that ‘guarantees’ you’ll have 20:20 vision within 24 hours after the treatment. Although such an outcome may be statistically probable (particularly under the best tech and surgeons), everyone’s recovery process is slightly different.

For this reason, you want a clinic that provides honest, accurate, and detailed information from the start. After your treatment plan is drawn up, the surgeon will be able to give you a more accurate idea of when you’ll be able to return to work and perform certain activities. The best clinics will also adjust your individual recovery timeline as your eyes progress through the healing process.

Knowledge Dispels Fear

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Can I have your number, surgeon?

The last thing you want is to have Laser Eye Surgery and be immediately sent on your way with no one to talk to should any concerns or questions arise. Some clinics provide little in the way of phone support for patients, but after Laser Eye Surgery, it is essential you have full access to the clinic and even your surgeon.

As well as being connected via a 24/7 phone number for general enquiries, all our patients are given the personal mobile phone number of their surgeon in case they have any concerns on the day of the procedure. The surgeon may even send you a message to check in and make sure you’re comfortable.

Not the conveyor belt treatment

It’s an unfortunate truth that in the unregulated market of Laser Eye Surgery, some high-street chains and providers skimp on the quality of care and services to get more people through the door with bargain-basement prices. The primary motive of these providers is profit, and as a result, patients are often left feeling rushed and mistreated.

When having such an important treatment like Laser Eye Surgery, you don’t want to feel like you’re just another pair of eyes rolling off the factory floor. Independent clinics go the extra mile to make sure you get the personal care you need. For instance, by having a much greater staff to patient ratio and providing additional touches like chocolates and head massages (which are, by the way, scientifically proven to help the process).

In many ways, the moment you sit up and experience your new vision should just be the beginning of a long relationship with the clinic.

The start of something beautiful

It’s your 12-month aftercare appointment, you’re vision is looking better than ever, and the optometrist signs you off for the last time. At some clinics, this would be the last time they will ever deal with you. But as a lifelong treatment, we believe it’s fundamental to keep the door open to all patients, no matter how long ago they had the surgery.

If at any time you want to call or visit us with questions or to check your progress — even if it’s years down the road — we’ll welcome you with open arms. This is exactly the attitude you should expect from a clinic, although it’s not so easy to find.

Whenever a clinic performs Laser Eye Surgery, they commit to caring for your vision. As purveyors of excellence who enjoy establishing long-standing relationships with our patients, we simply take this responsibility a bit more seriously than others.

What post-operative care you should expect after Laser Eye Surgery

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